Rebex Music

This is the home for Rebex Music which houses my lyric work and is the place for lyric writers to collaborate and tune-smiths to marry a lyric to their work.

My name is Tommy Glassford and I’ve been collaborating in the writing of song since I was a teenager, that was a few years ago now. All my lyrics are archived here and you are welcome to use, amend or adapt.

Most of my lyrics have my music but that’s another story for another time. I’m making them available for you to have a browse through and if one inspires you in the writing of song, then get on with it. Just let me know via email – tommy AT If someone else is working on the lyric, I’ll let you know, if their work marries to the lyric I’ll run with it, if not, I won’t. It of-course has to be remembered that I retain all the copyright on all my lyrics. Amendment and a lyric re-write is obviously part of the project plan, the writer of the amended lyric clearly retains their own copyright so the end product could well have percentage of copyright ownership.  I’m also available for collaboration on a lyric you may have as part of a song project, email me.

There will be four categories of lyric, each is a different stage in my lyric-writing life. The first is the Commodore years when I was supposedly finding myself. Then there’s the Amiga trip years when I lost myself again. The third category is the time of the pc. The fourth will be the work I’ve been developing over the last say ten years or so, I’ll be calling this area ‘work in progress’.

And so thank you for visiting and let me know your thoughts. Please enjoy and hopefully be inspired.